Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a full-service SEO company, we can also coordinate SEO with SEM to create a total marketing approach for your company with both paid and organic marketing elements. With us, “white hat” SEO strategies that enhance your company’s position in search engine results work hand in hand with cost-effective SEM keyword buys and other paid promotional efforts.

Every day, more and more people use search engines and social media to search for content and socialize on the web. For your business to succeed in today’s marketing and advertising age, you must draw people to your website.

With our Content Marketing Campaign, your business can build a permanent source of traffic and visitors towards your website, generate email contacts/leads and sales.

We Create, Publishes and Promotes your business’s content on a daily basis!

Whether if it’s through blogging, social media posting, writing articles or white papers, email blasting or hosting webinars, our Content Marketing will drive traffic towards your business’s main website because our content is not only incredibly unique and interesting, but all keywords are properly optimized.

More importantly, building backlinks and content that will gear web visitors towards your website will make your business appear both in prime positioning for Search Engine Results and as a trusted authority figure within your industry.

Our Content Marketing is extremely beneficial towards web visitors and readers as well as allowing your business’s website to receive frequent returning visitors. In addition, your returning visitors will want to stay and browse your website for an even longer amount of time!

Email Marketing
Unless your company is an email marketing company, you may view email as a necessary evil. You dutifully check your email inbox each morning before you begin your workday. Even with strict SPAM filters in place, you may spend much of your time weeding out chain letters from well-meaning but misguided friends and family members, unsolicited advertising and other unwanted messages that clog your email inbox.

Nonetheless, online email services remain an essential aspect of business-related communication. According to the 2012 B2B Marketing Email Benchmarking Report, 70% of business to business (B2B) marketers viewed email as either “critical” or “very important,” while only 4% of B2B marketers were, as younger people would put it, “so over” email.

We provide email marketing services direct messages from your company past the SPAM filters of your intended recipients so that they land directly into your recipients’ inboxes. Your messages will be eagerly read and shared, keeping your company and its services or products top of mind with both present and potential customers and clients.

Using our own advanced in-house solutions, we work with your company to craft custom messages specifically designed to showcase your company’s services and products. Our email marketing solutions educate potential clients about the merits of your company’s offerings.

We also offer online email services to build brand loyalty among your present customer base. Choose from monthly or bi-monthly emails, according to your company’s targeted demographic and your budget to ensure that your customers feel appreciated – not overwhelmed.

Our hands-on approach means that each message is drafted specifically for your company. Whether you’re a mom and pop corner store sending out a monthly newsletter, or you need weekly updates in three or four different languages to reach customers scattered across the globe, we will never resort to using a template or attempting to adapt your company’s email  marketing strategy to a generic “one size fits all” marketing message. We match its email marketing services to your company’s size, industry, customer base – and your budget – to create messages that your recipients will look forward to receiving

For instance, we can create regular interactive email newsletters that include promotional codes for discounts on your company’s products and services, video links and other compelling content. For special occasions, such as expansion to a new location or a company anniversary celebration, we can create a one time message that expresses appreciation to loyal customers and reaches out to potential new customers.

Social Media
These days, it’s not enough for your company to “be on Facebook” to have a viable social media marketing strategy. Today’s web-savvy consumers are not only adept at using Facebook, but also Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and other social media platforms. If you don’t have a full-time social media evangelist on staff, how can you or your company possibly keep up?

We have the answer. We offer a range of social media marketing services which we can modify and adapt to suit the specific needs of your business. We can set up a Facebook Page for your company or a Facebook group dedicated to “fans” of your company’s services or products. Our experts can help you navigate Twitter hashtags and shorthand and set up a Twitter feed that will attract followers and be easy for your staff to maintain.

If your company offers merchandise for sale, either through the company website or through a brick and mortar store, Pinterest is a natural social media fit. If your company’s natural customer base tends to be younger and more social media savvy, a live Google+ hangout can provide a means for real-time, community building interaction.

Social media for small business is one way to even the playing field with big companies that can afford to spend thousands, if not millions of dollars on advertising. Through a well executed social media strategy, small and medium-sized businesses can gain the type of exposure for little or no cost that they could never afford to buy with advertising.

If done right, social media can provide a powerful means of building customer loyalty. Social media outreach can help your company gain new customers while ensuring that your loyal regulars feel appreciated. Your company can also use social media to keep tabs on upcoming trends, incorporating the knowledge you gain into paid advertising or even product development.

As a full-service website design and marketing company, we specialize in social media services for businesses large and small. Regardless of the size of your company – or your company’s budget – we take a hands-on approach to create a social media strategy that is uniquely yours. We don’t resort to generic templates or force your company to adapt to a standard “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we offer a range of social media marketing services. Your company can mix and match the ones that fit with your industry sector, product and service offerings and your customer base.